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Psychic Reader and
 Spiritual Healer

Welcome to Regenerate

Everyone needs a little guidance and direction once in a while.
Booking a Psychic reading or a Tarot Card reading can help shed light on a pressing situation and answer some tricky questions.
I also offer a range of personal spiritual development sessions along with sound healing to help bring you back into alignment .... body, mind and soul

It’s time to make yourself a priority ♡

Located in Mt Annan, Macarthur region

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Services List

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Lit Crystal Lights

LIT Crystal Lights are the perfect way to bring natural beauty, spiritual healing, and health benefits into your home.

Handcrafted from natural timber, each piece is unique and

radiates a calming energy.

These lights are great for meditating or simply creating a

peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Use them to:

  • Enhance spiritual practices  and intuitive psychic abilities

  • To promote spiritual healing for those in close proximity

  • Help to reduce stress and generate feelings of well-being.

​​They also offer a range of health benefits such as:

  • Improved mood and sleep quality

  • Reducing anxiety and irritability

  • Gaining clarity and grounding

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