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Declutter - 5 Step Mental Reset (no meditation!)

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We overcomplicate stuff. Let’s bring it back to basics. Whether it be for your spiritual advancement or just for mental peace, these simple practices will help immensely and none of them include meditation! No matter what your daily routine is currently like, you can always make it better. This simple kickstart will clear your mind, boost your energy, and improve your mood and health. You can perform most of these exercises anywhere, no equipment is required. Getting back to simplicity is the key to creating a rested, calm state of being and that energy will flow effortlessly into every aspect of your life, making it easier to cope and deal with daily stresses and connect to the higher sources for clarity and guidance. For best results, do at least 1 of these exercises every day for 5 days. For even more noticeable changes in your wellbeing, combine a few of the exercises throughout the day for 5 days to form some great new habits.

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