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Sound  |  Vibration  |  Relaxation

Sound Therapy and using the power of the subconscious mind has been scientifically proven to be one of the safest, fastest and most effective ways to bring you back into complete alignment

Your organs and cells are made of up to 80% water and that water responds instantly to the vibration of sound frequencies

When your cells are brought into resonance, an overall encompassing sense of relief and wellbeing can be achieved​

Allowing your body, mind and spirit to expand it’s limits and heal itself naturally

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Shamanic drum
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Sound Healing Therapies
& Readings

Bringing you back into mental, emotional and spiritual alignment

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Tuning forks

Harmonic and weighted

These humble forks can do some magical things!

Unlike musical instrument tuning forks, these lovelies have been tuned at 432 hz to resonate at the frequency of the Earth itself.

The 2 weighted forks send powerful vibrations through the body, shifting the cells and water within your body to resonate with them and bring you back into alignment, while the unweighted harmonic forks work their musical magic on your brain waves, settling emotions, clearing blockages and regenerating body, mind and soul


Shamanic Drumming

Primal beats

For centuries drumming has been part of rituals and spiritual practices.

Experience the raw vibrational power as the beats from the shamanic drum move you to the core and shake out all the unnecessary and damaging clutter from your being.
It truely is an addictive feeling

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Psychic / Card / Mediumship

Get the answers and direction you need to progress with a sense of peace and clarity.

My reading style is very straight to the point and factual. I’m not one to deliver a generic reading, ever.
I connect with your energy and that of your guardians, spirit guides and and angels to bring through relevant details about your life before I start to predict anything for your future. I will use oracle and tarot cards for clarification of messages I receive.

You will feel this connection also and experience a sense of comfort and understanding as I impart information about where you are currently in your lifes journey. I will address your challenges and your strengths and bring through guidance and divine insights to leave you feeling content and enlightened


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