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Every LIT Crystal light™ is hand crafted using naturally fallen timber (This range ~ Australian native gum/eucalyptus) and every single crystal is placed with attention to detail and pure intention.


The ENCHANTRESS range has been created with abundance in mind.

The powerful glow emitted will have your heart, mind and space overflowing with positive energy. The Enchantress will also boost your self confidence giving you the courage and ssupport to overcome any obstacle you face


No two lights are the same.

They are each unique and just as individual as you are.

Some say, you don't choose the one.... it chooses you

Clear Quartz emits powerful vibratons, transmuting negative energy, neutralising mind clutter and cleansing your auric field.
It is also used to stimulate the immune system and bring the entire body back into balance.

Welcome its magic on all levels... physical, mental, and emotional



USB powered LED lights (Will plug straight into your phone charger or available to purchase separately)

Multicolour function - Remote control operated - Dimmer settings -

Set lights to bounce to music - Off timer

Enhance the ambience of your space to assist in all spiritual practices including mediation, mindfulness and spiritual connection or simply enjoy the natural beauty it generates within your room.



Enchantress №1