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Energy Reset

This powerful vibrational tuning and recalibration puts you on track

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 Australian dollars
  • Mount Annan

Service Description

During this session, we will briefly discuss your current state of being and address what adjustments need to be made to bring you back to neutral How it works: - If you’re a highly strung, stressed or anxious type of person, your nervous system is vibrating at a very high speed most of the time. This can adversely affect your productivity, moods and relationships. + By introducing a series of harmonic frequencies and natural Earth tones, it causes your cells to adopt and imitate those new vibrations, which brings you into a perfectly centred equilibrium. - The same is true for anyone suffering depression, low self esteem, an illness or extended grief. Your system will be vibrating at a much lower pace than required for well being. + Exposure to certain tones and frequencies will instantly start to bring your cells up into resonance with perfect equilibrium. Once a neutral level has been achieved, future treatments can focus on targeted progression such as more confidence, better communication, better quality sleep or perhaps to settle erratic moods etc. We will determine your goal and I will select and play the frequencies required to bring you into resonance with that intended outcome. This tuning is performed audibly and also with light contact from harmonic Tuning Forks which have been created with the frequency of 432 hz... aka.... our planets heartbeat

Contact Details

  • Mount Annan NSW, Australia


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