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Tarot Card Deck
Tarot Card Deck

Meditation with a friend or partner

Bring your friend, significant other or family member and experiences deep soul connection together

  • 40 minutes
  • From 100 Australian dollars
  • Mount Annan

Service Description

The thought of meditation can be scary to some because you may think they can’t do it properly or don’t know where to begin. It’s normal to have a wandering mind that can split off into 10 different thoughts and ideas in a second, but sometimes we need a break from all that internal chatter! During meditation, the intention is to simply focus your mind and narrow your train of thought... kind of like putting blinkers on a horse to narrow their line of sight to a direct straight forward path. It really is a refreshing experience and a skill worth developing. No more intrusive thoughts! Enjoy this experience with a loved one and deepen your bond You get to choose the type of experience you want 1. Relaxation Taking time out of your active, thinking mind and tapping back into your immediate surroundings and your body. In depth body scan and mindfulness techniques 2. Stress and anxiety relief - Unblocking Using visualisation imagery to circulate energy and shift blockages. Uncovering tension points and releasing them 3. Empowerment Focusing on generating, holding and expanding feelings of positivity, vitality and well-being through the use of breath work

Contact Details

  • Mount Annan NSW, Australia


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